Whether you are a farmer in need of land, a landowner who would like to see your land farmed, or a community that would like to create more active farmland, New Entry offers assistance with locating, evaluating and matching farmers to farmland in Massachusetts and surrounding regions.

The Matching Service helps landowners:

  • Understand the basics of farmland leases
  • Evaluate what you want in a lease arrangement with a farmer
  • Find the right farmer and farm business for you and your land

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The Matching Service helps farm seekers:

  • Look for land that is compatible with the needs of your business
  • Find the resources you need to get loans and negotiate leases
  • Transition to your own farm or alternative tenure arrangement

In addition, we proactively work with our partner organizations, agricultural commissions, and other stakeholders involved in working agricultural landscapes in order to increase access to farmland for beginning farmers.

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The Matching Service helps communities:

  • Identify unused viable farmland
  • Reach out to farmland owners
  • Increase active agriculture

Working with towns and their agricultural commissions, the Community Farmland Connections project uses GIS mapping to identify unused viable farmland and encourage landowners to lease their land to a farmer. 

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For more information on the Farmland Matching Service contact Farmland Matching Coordinator, Noelle Fogg at 978-654-5738.