2017 Conference Presentation Slides


Some presenters have shared their presentation slides. Take a look at the presentation slides and resources below.

Session 1 – Wed 12/6 8:45am
Building Stronger, Healthier Communities through Farm to Early Care and Education
Presenters: Lacy Stephens, National Farm to School Network; Meagan Shedd, Michigan State University Center for Regional Food Systems; Afia Bediako, Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation
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Session 2 – Wed 12/6 10:30am
Hawai’i Food for All
Presenters: Ken Meter, Crossroads Resource Center; Kaiulani Odom, Kokua Kalihi Valley; Tina Tamai, Hawai‘i Good Food Task Force
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Why Race Matters: The Importance of Connecting Race to Anti-Hunger Advocacy
Presenter: Minerva Delgado, Alliance to End Hunger
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LIGHTNING TALK: The Role of Gleaning in Local Food Systems
Presenter: Laurie “Duck” Caldwell, Boston Area Gleaners
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LIGHTNING TALK: Welcome to the Lemonade Village
Presenter: Lindsey Lunsford, TULIP
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LIGHTNING TALK: Agricultural Apprenticeships: Reproducing Traditional Labor Relations in the Alternative Food Movement
Presenter: Kaitlin Fischer, Fort Lewis College
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LIGHTNING TALK: Chefs for Change - The Power of Youth to Inspire
Presenter: David Bartolomi, Family Cook Productions
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LIGHTNING TALK: Farm Link: A food hub model to increase local produce for institutions and hunger relief agencies
Presenter: Melissa DeNomie, Medical College of Wisconsin
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LIGHTNING TALK: Federal Food Programs: A Tool for Food Sovereignty?
Presenter: Andy Fisher, Independent consultant and author of Big Hunger
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LIGHTNING TALK: Fresh, Local Food Hits the Road
Presenter: Mike Devlin, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
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LIGHTNING TALK: From the Ground Up: Emerging Themes in Community-Based Food Systems Innovations
Presenter: Susan Lightfoot Schempf, Wallace Center at Winrock International
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LIGHTNING TALK: Jones Valley Teaching Farm's food education program in partnership with Birmingham City Schools
Presenter: Scotty Feltman, Jones Valley Teaching Farm
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LIGHTNING TALK: Numbers Add Up to Better Nutrition: A Healthy Chelsea Case Study
Presenter: Holly Fowler, Northbound Ventures
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Session 3 – Wed 12/6 1:45pm
Gaining strength in the rural Appalachian food system through multidisciplinary collaboration
Presenters: Adam Hege, Carla Ramsdell, and Amy Galloway, AppalFRESH (Appalachian Food Research for Equity, Sustainability and Health) at Appalachian State University; David Cooper, Economic Policy Institute; Charlie Wallin, Appalachian State University; Carol Coulter, Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture; Laura Johnston, Appalachian State University graduate student
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Session 4 – Thurs 12/7 8:45am
What's Labor Got to Do with It? Livable Wages and Workers' Rights in the Food Chain
Presenters: Sarah Reinhardt (moderator), UC Santa Cruz; David Cooper, Economic Policy Institute; Edna Rodriquez, Rural Advancement Foundation International; Suzanne Adely, Food Chain Workers Alliance
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Funding Streams to Build and Sustain Your Farm to School Program
Presenters: Tegan Bernstein, USDA FNS; Kate Mitchell, Portsmouth, NH School Department's CLIPPERS Farm to School Program; Francey Slater, Mill City Grows
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Session 5 – Thurs 12/7 10:30am
Developing a Strategic Evaluation Plan: The Healthy Corners Program
Presenters: Laura Belazis, DC Central Kitchen; Andrea Talhmai, DC Central Kitchen
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Drawing Connections Between Food Security, Social Justice, and Sustainable Agriculture
Presenters: Larissa Calancia, Center for Health Equity Research at UNC Chapel Hill; Kristen Cooksey Stowers, Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at the University of Connecticut; Anne Palmer, Center for a Livable Future at Johns Hopkins University; Rev. Heber Brown III, Pleasant Hope Baptist Church
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New American Farmers & Co-op Farm Innovators
Presenters: Jonah Fertig, Cooperative Development Institute
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Weaving the Food System - The Economics of Food in the Rural Landscape
Presenters: John Dean, Central Louisiana Economic Development Alliance; Bahia Nightengale, Central Louisiana Economic Development Alliance; Allison Tohme, Central Louisiana Economic Development Alliance
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Session 6 – Thurs 12/7 1:30pm
Local Food Builds Strong Communities
Presenters: Jim Hanna, Cumberland County Food Security Council; Muhidin Libah, Somali Bantu Community Association; Kristina Kalolo, Somali Bantu Community Association of Lewiston/Auburn
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Local laws that promote healthy food access: one size does not fit all
Presenters: Lihlani Skipper, Vermont Law School - Center for Agriculture and Food Systems; Sally Mancini, University of Connecticut Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity; Kristen Cooksey-Stowers, Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at the University of Connecticut
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The Right to Food: Shifting Systems, Policies, and Narratives that Ignore the Root Causes of Hunger
Presenters: Alison Cohen, Why Hunger; Molly Anderson, Middlebury College; Smita Narula, human rights scholar
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If you were a presenter and would like to share your presentation slides or resources, please email kristen.aldrich@tufts.edu.