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Why New Entry Food Hub's CSA?

New Entry focuses on helping small-scale beginning farmers establish and grow their businesses. We are unique as a multi-producer program: instead of the produce all coming from one single farm, our produce is grown by over 20 mixed vegetable farms, and a variety of local orchards and berry farmers. New Entry farmers grow crops on less than 2 acres of land, and many have limited English language skills, lack reliable transportation, and possess minimal computer literacy—all of which are needed to be able to develop an individual CSA. New Entry CSA provides a reliable market for these farmers by aggregating produce and distributing it through our CSA program. Your purchase of a CSA share from New Entry allows us to continue training beginning farmers to access new markets and allows us to bring fresh and nutritious produce to underserved communities through Food Access.

CSA Details:

Based on member feedback we offer two different CSA options to offer the most flexibility for you! Choose between a traditional farm share box for the best value or choose your own produce each week with our CSA Your Way program. We are also rolling out new specialty products like farm fresh hot sauce, pesto, and tomato sauce which will be available for purchase in the CSA Your Way. Our CSAs are SNAP/HIP eligible (please email foodhub@tufts.edu to be set up as a SNAP customer in our system). 

Traditional Farm Share Box

Our selection of the best seasonal produce each week from our network of beginning and immigrant farmers. We recommend one share for 2 average omnivore adults.

This option gives you the best value but the least flexibility. Each week we take the hassle out of shopping and pick out the best local vegetbales that are in season. We also send along the best recipes to help you cook up what you get each week. This share is for those who enjoy cooking new and exciting vegetables and don't have the time to shop for produce! You can opt in at any time – we will pro-rate the price of the box to reflect the number of boxes you actually receive.

If your household has allergies, picky eaters, or limited time to experiment, we recommend that you check out our new Choose Your Own CSA share options! 

Full Season Farm Share: *$750 for 20 weeks June – October 

Summer Season Farm Share: *$400 for 10 weeks June – August 

Fall Season Farm Share: *$400 for 10 weeks August – October 

*Our CSAs are SNAP/HIP eligible. Please email foodhub@tufts.edu to be set up as a SNAP customer, or write “SNAP” in the notes when you place your order. 

CSA Your Way


Weekly custom CSA share delivery from June – October. Pre-pay in $100 increments or pay as you go and each week you choose exactly what vegetables and fruits you’d like and in what quantity from our network of beginning and immigrant farmers. This season we will be launching a line of value added products including hot sauce, pesto, and tomato sauce. We will assemble your order and deliver to the pick up location of your choosing. Pre-load greater amounts for larger credits.

$200 = $200 farm share credits
$400 = $410 farm share credits
$600 = $630 farm share credits
$800 = $860 farm share credits
$1000 = $1100 farm share credits

There is no limit to what combinations of products that you order but we do ask that you order a minimum of $20 per week to help cover the cost of packing and delivery. We reserve the right to cancel any orders less than $20. All leftover credits at the end of the season will be forfeited by the customer and used by the food hub to increase our food security programs.

Sample Farm Share

On a given week, you can expect to receive the following fresh & local produce in your share:

Early Summer - Baby Salad Greens, Green Onion, Bok Choy, Snap Peas, Red Radishes, Celery, Parsley, Honey

Peak Summer - Cherry Tomatoes, Slicing Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Summer Squash, Peaches, Cabbage, Oregano, Garlic, Green Beans, Cilantro, Spring Onions, Basil

Fall - Apples, Anaheim Pepper, Heirloom Tomato, Sweet Pepper, Chives, Husk Cherries, Kale, Eggplant, Winter Squash, Thyme

Farmers Choice Holiday CSA Share!

Get all of your favorite produce from New Entry right before the holidays!

This share will contain two distributions of a farmers choice of produce perfect for the holidays. Items might include local fruits like apples and cranberries. Hearty crops like carrots, squash, cabbage, and sweet potatoes. Tasty greens like spinach and kale. And fun treats like hot sauce and mushrooms!

2024 Pickup Locations!

If you would like to recommend a pickup site, please email us at foodhub@tufts.edu. Please ensure that your site can host a minimum of 20 customers.

Home Delivery ($10 Weekly)
Available for areas in and around Salem, Medford, Somerville, Cambridge, & Beverly.

(Email foodhub@tufts.edu to see if home delivery works for your address.)

Downtown Boston: Tufts Friedman School, Chinatown
150 Harrison Ave, Boston MA 02111
Tuesdays 3-6 pm

Bedford: Offering Free Home Delivery 

Beverly: New Entry Sustainable Farming Project
733 Cabot Street, Beverly
Tuesdays 3-6pm

Medford: A customer's house!
12 Whitman St, Medford MA 02155
Tuesdays 3-6 pm

Salem: Collins Middle School (for Salem Public School employees only; Summer Season Only)
29 Highland Ave, Salem
Thursdays 12-4 pm

Somerville: American Flatbread, Davis Square
45 Day Street, Somerville MA 02144
Tuesdays 12-9pm

What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) connects producers and consumers in a unique, mutually beneficial relationship that supports local communities and the environment.  A CSA membership is the easiest, most delicious way to know where and how your food is grown.  When you join a CSA, you and your fellow community members support farmers by purchasing food shares before the agricultural season starts.  With the money from your advance payment, farmers buy the seeds, supplies, and labor needed to grow and harvest the produce that will fill your box.

Throughout the 20-week growing season from June through October, you receive a weekly “share,” or box, of freshly harvested produce.  The contents of a CSA share vary, and as a shareholder, you can expect to receive 70 different crops throughout the season.  Participating in a CSA sometimes means sharing in the fluctuations of agricultural life, such as limited choices because of seasonal constraints or unexpected weather, but we work hard to make sure that you still get the full value of your share.  Weekly shares are delivered directly to pick-up sites around Boston and Middlesex County.  Each week, you will receive a newsletter, a list of share contents, recipes, and updates from our programs.

At the supermarket, only three to twenty cents of every dollar you spend on food makes it back to the farmer who grew it, and the food travels an average of 1,300 miles to reach the consumer, often involving very low pay for agricultural workers.  The CSA model is a sustainable, fair trade alternative for consumers.

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