New Entry's project team brings practical skills experience and over two dozen combined years of farmer training experience to their positions. Some staff members not only educate new growers about farming, but are also farmers themselves - working with farmers by day - then home to farm in the off hours.  New Entry staff not only includes our permanent full- and part-time staff, but we also rely on the valuable contributions of student interns through work-study projects, internships, directed-studies, or volunteer work.  New Entry also supports group volunteer activities and has worked with church groups, corporations, and school youth groups in work projects on the farms.  All the helping hands contribute toward the success of the project.

Permanent, year-round New Entry staff include:

Jennifer Hashley, Project Director;

- Mike Massicotte, Director of Finance and

- Tony Grasso, World PEAS Food Hub Manager;

Brianna Bowman, National Incubator Farms TA Coordinator;

- Molly DellaRoman, Beginning Farmer Education and Curriculum Coordinator;

- Janel Wright, Farmer Training Program Manager;

- Breanne Wroughton, World PEAS Food Hub

- Kristen Aldrich, National Technical Assistance Manager;

- LaDawn Strickland, National Outreach Coordinator,

- Laurel Cohen, Food Access Facilitator AmeriCorps VISTA;

- Danielle West, Development Facilitator AmeriCorps VISTA;

- Maria Smith, Volunteer Recruitment Facilitator AmeriCorps VISTA;

Seasonal Staff includes:

- World PEAS Operation Manager

- World PEAS Assistant Operations Manager