Ben Zoba

Ben is the Beginning Farmer Educator at New Entry, and he works to help new and prospective farmers get the training and resources they need to succeed as growers. His responsibilities include developing curricula and teaching farming/production courses as well as exploring innovative methods for building soil-health while growing crops.

Before working at New Entry, Ben was the farm manager for The Food Project’s Beverly and Wenham farms for 10 years. There he managed a CSA program and introduced hundreds of high schoolers and volunteers to the world of value-generative agriculture.

Ben’s interest in helping people work with natural systems to grow healthy food has led him to create The Garden School of Beverly, a non-profit whose mission is to provide a healthy environment in which post-high school young adults can develop and receive horticultural and agricultural training while they figure out their life purposes.

Ben has a great love for soil microbes and enjoys inviting new farmers to consider how working with these unseen allies can produce nutritious food and a high quality of life. He also likes playing frisbee, inventing things, and learning about community-based alternative currencies. 

Ben can be reached at