Freddy Soza

Freddy is the Operations Administrator at New Entry.  He serves as the New Entry team leader for marketing and communications, community outreach and engageme nt, intern and volunteer management, and database management to track and report on New Entry’s impact.  His role further involves facilitating integration across New Entry’s programs, building strategic partnerships and collaboration opportunities, and supporting staff to realize strategic objectives.

Before joining New Entry, Freddy worked with governmental and nongovernmental programs in the Greater Boston and the North Carolina central regions.  He worked with Refugees, Asylees and other immigrant communities to overcome barriers to employment and educational disruption created by frequent moves.  He connected clients with access to vital social services. 

Freddy has also developed his background in sustainable farming, by supporting small-scale farmers and social development interventions in rural areas of Central America and West Africa. He also had the opportunity to support farmers in North Carolina to implement the Smithfield Foods Company's sustainable program in large scale livestock farms. He holds a MA in Sustainable International Development from the Heller School at Brandeis University and a BS in Agricultural Business and Production from Zamorano University in Honduras.

Freddy can be reached at