Julien Barrere

Julien Barrere serves as the Farmer Training Senior Program Administrator at New Entry, where he coordinates efforts among New Entry staff, regional partners, and farming communities to enhance and create innovative training programs.

Julien's roots trace back to a small, diversified organic farm nestled in the heart of France, where his passion for agriculture first took root. His academic journey led him to delve into the world of microbes, these tiny biological machines that regulate our climate, these social organisms that are essential to all life on Earth by symbiotically living with almost all animals and plants. Throughout his studies, Julien dedicated a substantial portion of his time to teaching, whether it involved developing and overseeing programs, instructing in classrooms, or mentoring students.

Julien holds a PhD from Harvard University, where he studied the evolution of multicellularity, a M.S.c in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from ETH Zurich and MIT, and a B.S.c in Interdisciplinary Life Science from Descartes University in Paris.