National Ag Apprenticeship Learning Network

New Entry, alongside partner farms and organizations, works to coordinate the Ag Apprenticeship Learning Network (AgALN) to support and professionalize ag apprentice training programs around the country.

AgALN began in 2016 and is a collaboration with several partner organizations, including Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship, Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association, Rogue Farm Corps, Vilicus Farms, and Quivira Coalition. These partners have decades of combined experience leading apprentice programs across the country and help to shape and lead the Ag Apprentice Learning Network. The goal of this network is to support, improve, and professionalize new or existing ag apprentice programs through a national 'community of practice'. This community works to share resources and best practices related to hosting and supporting apprentices on your farm. The best way to stay up to date about the network is to sign up for our listserv.

AgALN's services include:

  • Check out our dedicated online resource center for ag apprentice farms and operations

  • Watch our archived and on-going webinars on topics related to ag apprenticeships

  • Sign up for One-on-one technical assistance to support you in any step of starting or improving your apprentice program

  • Attend our yearly Annual Gathering to meet and collaborate with other apprentice staff 

  • Sign up for our Apprentice Listserv to stay engaged with other apprentice programs and learn about upcoming events related to AgALN

  • Apply to be listed on our National apprentice map where we highlight professional ag apprentices

  • Take our yearly survey to be included in our national data collection around apprentice programs

For questions about AgALN, you can contact Lindsay at