Apprenticeship Resources Library

New Entry works in partnership with commercial farms and organizations coordinating apprenticeships and other on farm learning opportunities across the country to build an active learning network for Ag Apprenticeships.

This network is designed to disseminate educational resources through websites, broad outreach, webinars, a technical assistance referral network, posting to listservs/social media, sharing through the BFRDP clearinghouse and diverse beginning farmer service provider networks.

Our physical library at our offices in Beverly, MA contains books, CD's, DVD's periodicals, pamphlets, and videos in English, Spanish, Hmong, and Khmer.

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Active Listening Tips Sheet

Resource Type: 

Communication, Feedback and Assessment, Program Development

The Active Listening Tips Sheets created by BFRN, Northeast SARE, the University of Maine - Cooperative Extension provide prompts to help actively listen, tips to encourage sharing from the other party involved, words and phrases to avoid in a conversation, and phrases to use during evaluations.

Ag Apprenticeship Learning Network Toolkit

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Career Services, Case Studies, Communication, Curriculum, Educational Partnerships, Farm Labor Laws / Legal, Feedback and Assessment, Fundraising, Hosting and Employment, Insurance, Internship Programs, Program Development, Recruitment, Registered Apprenticeships, Volunteers

A Guide to Developing or Improving an Ag Apprenticeship Training Program on Your Farm or Ranch
This toolkit was developed by the Ag Apprenticeship Learning Network, including New Entry and the following partners: Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship, Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association, Rogue Farm Corps, Quivira Coalition, Vilicus Farms

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Application for Apprentice

This document is a sample apprentice application. You can use this resource to create your own application documents. 

Application for Host Farm

This document is a sample host farm application. You can use this resource to create your own application documents.


Apprentice Employment Agreement TEMPLATE

Resource Type: 

Farm Labor Laws / Legal, Hosting and Employment, Program Development, Recruitment

This template, authored by Quivira Coalition's New Agrarian Program, provides specific requirements and standards set for performance and expectations for mentors. It clearly states protocol for compensation, safety, communication, housing expectations and other important considerations for the workplace.

Apprentice Reflection

The end of an apprenticeship period is a key time for reflection. This reflection practice will serve four purposes:

Apprentice/Host Evaluation

This evaluation is a vehicle for enhancing apprentice and manager growth and improvement through open and honest communication between the apprentice and their manager.  

Apprentice/Host Farm Terms Of Participation

This resource is a document that outlines the commitments to the terms of participation for MOFGA's Apprenticeship Program. You can use this resource to create your own agreement documents. 

Apprenticeship For Credit Partnership

This document is an example of a course listing at Unity College. It explains the partnership between Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA) and Unity College.