Climate Recordkeeping Workshop I: Bookkeeping for Farmers


Monday, November 13, 2023


6:00pm – 8:00pm




Bookkeeping for farmers

Mitigating risk, particularly across the interrelated production, marketing, and financial arenas, is an important skill for small-scale specialty crop producers, particularly when facing climate variability. Understanding the dynamics of a business and making decisions to mitigate risks requires accurate and relevant data. Yet, record keeping is undoubtedly a least favorite farm activity.

This 2-hour session workshop introduces producers to field-tested practical strategies to keep both production and financial records throughout the season.  This session mostly focus on Quickbooks training and features experienced farmers participants who can speak to the value of setting up an appropriate chart of accounts and using data to create enterprise analysis, financial statements, and track overall business health.

This workshop aims at assist producers in adopting and building basic bookkeeping systems.With this workshop, you will:

• Discover effective ways to keep track of your crops and marketing efforts during the season using practical methods that have been proven in the field.
• Learn QuickBooks, a helpful accounting tool for small and medium-sized businesses.
• Listen to experienced farmers who will explain how setting up the right financial structure and using data can help you analyze your farm's performance and overall financial health.

Link to the: Fact Sheet - Bookkeeping for farmers

Link to the: Slide Deck - Bookkeeping for farmers 

About the Presenter:

Cian Dalzell has been farming since 2007, growing both the soil and financial records and systems at Three Maples Market Garden since 2010. In addition to growing vegetables in Berkshire County, he has a decade of working in natural foods retail and nearly a decade of providing business technical assistance. Cian came to the Carrot Project for a workshop on financial recordkeeping and is now the lead trainer and a business advisor with the organization. His areas of expertise include financial analysis and planning, competitive analysis, business planning, and building operational systems.

This material is based upon work supported by USDA/NIFA under Award number 2021-700 27-34693