Know-Till: A Farmers Learning Circle on Reducing Tillage by Inter-Seeding Cover Crops!


Tuesday, June 11, 2024


6:00pm – 7:30pm


Online  Zoom ET time



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Know-Till: A Farmers Learning Circle on Reducing Tillage by Inter-Seeding Cover Crops!

Imagine saving time on crop cultivation, building healthier soil, reducing tillage, and enhancing your farm's climate resilience—all at once. It's possible with the innovative technique of interseeding Dutch white clover in your crops.

Join our virtual farmer learning circle with farmers Lincoln Fishman and Leah Jurman. Both have ample experience with farming and using different cover cropping techniques. They will share theirexpertise on:

  • The benefits of Dutch white clover: Understand how this powerful cover crop can transform your farming practices.
  • Optimal seeding times: Learn the best timing to interseed Dutch white clover for maximum effectiveness.
  • Best crop pairings: Discover which crops thrive alongside Dutch white clover.
  • Lessons from the field: Gain insights from Lincoln's personal experiences and research, including his innovative approach to using Dutch white clover as a living mulch that doesn't require annual tilling.

Key Takeaways:

Confidence in interseeding: You'll leave with the knowledge and confidence to successfully interseed Dutch white clover in your own crops this year.

Mastering timing: Learn how to perfect the timing of your living mulches to ensure optimal growth and benefits.

Low-till benefits: Discover how interseeding is a low-till method, reducing soil disturbance and promoting healthier, more resilient soil.

Climate adaptation and mitigation: Understand how using Dutch white clover as a cover crop can be a strategic move for climate resilience.

About the Presenters:

Lincoln Fishman is Momentum Ag’s Director and Trials Coordinator. He has 17 years of farming experience in PA and MA. Lincoln is the owner/operator of Sawyer Farm in Worthington, MA. They mostly grow storage crops, like garlic, brassicas, onions, and squash… in dutch white clover!  He has written and spoken extensively about climate-smart farming, and provides technical assistance to farmers all over the nation regarding climate adaptation and mitigation.

Leah Jurman oversees the New Entry Incubator Farm, including site preparation & cover cropping for dozens of New Entry growers each season on 15 acres in Beverly, MA. Leah works directly with farmers to help them achieve their production goals and become viable farm businesses. She is doing a living mulch trial for Momentum Ag on the New Entry farm where she has established a luscious bed a dutch white clover that tomatoes will be planted into this year. Additionally, Leah has converted a ¼ acre of land on the incubator farm into a no-till demo plot. Before joining New Entry, Leah served as the Agriculture Team Coordinator for The Trustees and spent five years as the Assistant Farm Manager at Appleton Farms. She has also worked as an Assistant Grower on several farms in eastern Massachusetts.

Perfect Timing for Your Farm:

The ideal time to interseed most crops with Dutch white clover in the Northeast is July. This workshop is perfectly timed to help you plan and implement interseeding in one of your fields this year. By attending, you'll be ready to take immediate action and see the benefits on your farm.

Additionally, Leah and Lincoln will discuss their current trials with using Dutch White Clover as a Living Mulch. 

Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize your farming methods. Join us and take a step towards a more sustainable and efficient future.

Funding Aknowledgement

This material is based upon work supported by USDA/NIFA under Award number 2021-70027-34693