Lease Building to Acquire Farmland


Thursday, December 2, 2021


6:00pm – 7:30pm


Virtual Online Session  



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LINK TO: December 2, 2021 Workshop Recording

Learn about Land For Good's Build a Lease online toolbox and everything you need to know about creating a secure and equitable farm lease.  This session will focus on farmland leasing and tools to help mitigate risk related to farmland tenure.  We will discuss pros and cons of farmland leasing, components of a well-written farm lease, ways to determine the rent, and methods to factor property improvements into a rental agreement.  The discussion will focus on resources that farmers and farm seekers can utilize in their exploration and implementation of farmland leasing, including input from farmer panelists who utilize leased land in their operations.

Featured Speakers:

Jae Silverman is the Massachusetts Field Agent with Land For Good, working with farmers and landowners on issues of farmland access, tenure, and transfer.  Jae is also a first-generation hay farmer, owning and operating Windrow Farm in Conway, MA, and is passionate about the contribution of grass farming to the local food and fiber system.

Mohammed Hannan is owner of Hannan Agro Farms in Lincoln, MA.  Mohammed leases two parcels of town-owned conservation land from the Town of Lincoln and is in the process of installing extensive infrastructure investments (deer fencing, storage, greenhouses, electricity, irrigation, equipment) and operates a retail farm stand on one of the properties.  He will share his experience with bidding for a lease for town-owned land and workign with various town departments to secure approvals for infrastructure investments.

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