Making Less Risky Business of Wholesale and Institutional Markets: A networking event and online course for growers and buyers in Eastern MA

Wholesale and institutional markets can be attractive outlets for farmers at all scales due to relatively low labor and marketing costs. And when schools, universities, and other kind of institutions purchase locally grown food they support rural economies and help make our supply chains more resilient and adaptable.

Are you a farmer interested in exploring or connecting to institutional or wholesale markets? Or are you a dining director or procurement manager looking to expand your selection of locally grown produce? If so, this event is for you!


This two-hour long event is an opportunity for growers and buyers to network alongside knowledgeable agricultural service providers to help participants:

  • Build relationships
  • Better understand costs/pricing
  • Comply with food safety requirements
  • Learn about developing contracts

Participants are encouraged to come prepared with real data to share—costs of production, crops volumes, price sheets—potentially resulting in real sales and a more robust local food system.

Free Online Course:

To make the best use of our virtual time together, registered participants will be invited to a short online course in advance of the event with resources, guides, and risk management strategies to help farmers make decisions around market channel selection, and to help buyers understand what it means to work with local farmers.


While all are welcome to attend, this will primarily be a networking event geared towards developing relationships between buyers and growers in Eastern Massachusetts.

This work is supported by a grant from: