Navigating E-Commerce Platforms: An Introduction to Forager and FarmDrop


Thursday, February 24, 2022


6:00pm – 7:30pm


Virtual Online Session  



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Join the conversation with local farmers and eCommerce platforms Forager and FarmDrop.


Emily Lefebvre is the Customer Success Manager at Forager. She is an experienced Produce Manager at local food coops in Portland, ME and Keene, NH with a demonstrated history of working in the food and beverages industry and brings skills in Catering, Culinary Arts, Personnel and Business Management, and Client Success Management. She holds a BS focused in Business Management from Keene State College.

Hannah Semler is the co-founder and CEO of FarmDrop.  She has also served as the Gleaning Coordinator for Healthy Acadia, one of the first homes to FarmDrop. She also organized one of the largest free public meals ever alonside the Food Recovery Coalition, a Portland, ME coalition of food rescue and food security organizations. Hannah is also a consultant for food rescue organizations nationally. She has been a Jesse and Betsy Fink Family Foundation Fellow since 2018. When not working on FarmDrop, Hannah is often found in Tucson, consulting for the Nogales Produce Rescue efforts that rescued nearly 200 million pounds of fresh produce from going to waste in the last four years.

Lou Harris is co-owner of the Abraham's Goat Farm and Creamery in Newport, Maine, a 60-acre property which produces goat meat, milk, cheese and yogurt.  Lou brings decades of experience in the food industry.