Farmer Training

Farmer training is the core of New Entry's work and provides farmers with the knowledge and experience they need to grow a commercial agricultural business.

New Entry prides itself on helping new and prospective farm business owners launch and succeed in their business. Here are descriptions of the courses we provide on a regular basis so that you can best take advantage of all that we have to offer:

1. Explore Farming is New Entry’s introductory workshop for those who are brand new to agriculture. If you dream of becoming a farm owner or getting involved in the food system, this workshop is a great place to start. In this free two-hour workshop we provide an overview of the agricultural landscape for small farms and tools to help you decide what steps you can take to get started. This workshop is offered virtually approximately 6 times a year. 

2. The Practicum in Sustainable Agriculture offers experiential on-farm practical skills training paired with facilitated online course sessions designed to help participants build farm skills, expand their knowledge of vegetable production, and prepare them to pursue a career in sustainable agriculture. The Practicum is designed for those new to farming and can prepare someone to work on a farm or start their own farm on the New Entry Incubator Farm Training Program.  The course is held at Moraine Farm in Beverly, MA.

3. The Crop Production Course is about gaining practical skills in organic horticulture. This course focuses on different components of growing mixed vegetable crops for direct markets and includes interactive online content, plus opportunities for experiential learning through our demonstration plot at Moraine Farm in Beverly, MA.

4. Making Less Risky Business of Wholesale and Institutional Markets: An Online Course is designed to highlight resources for growers and buyers interested in wholesale and intermediated markets. You will learn how to navigate these market opportunities, how to manage risk, and what requirements exist are essential to successfully engage with schools, institutions, restaurants, and grocery outlets that work with local farmers. Register here and you will be sent access to the free self-guided online course.

5. Learn to produce crops in controlled environments through our Hydroponics Course.  This online, self-paced course has six modules covering the different components of hydroponic systems, how to set up such a system, the variables to measure and track production, and the overall background related to hydroponic farming. Each module can take about one hour to complete.

6. New Entry’s Farm Business Planning Course is designed to help you write your business plan. This course is for those who have already gained an understanding of the skills and resources needed for farm business ownership and are ready to put their plan in writing.

7. The Incubator Farm is a unique offering at New Entry. At our incubator farm we provide you with a small plot to farm, access to tools and infrastructure, as well as technical assistance from our farm manager and an opportunity to work alongside other new farmers. Once you have a New Entry approved written business plan, you can apply to farm on the incubator.

8. Workshop Recordings and Playlists on our New Entry YouTube channel also offer a great opportunity to learn about topics of interest to farmers.  Check out our many channels and learn from experts in the field!

To find out more about these opportunities or the Farmer Training Program in general, contact Julien Barrere at