Hydroponics Course

Hydroponics Course


Hydroponics is a soil-less cultivation technique that allows the production of crops in controlled environments, optimizing water usage and increased yield irrespective of seasonal constraints. Hydroponics farming can be especially interesting in the context of urban farming where land is limited. If you are curious about hydroponics or are interested in learning technical skills this course is for you!

This course is designed to allow you to learn at your own pace, exploring the various modules of the course. There are six modules in the course, and each module can take about one hour to complete. You will learn about the different components of hydroponic systems, how to set up such a system, reflect on the variables to measure and track, and learn about the overall background related to hydroponic farming.

Hydroponics Workshop Recording:

We hosted a 1.5-hour workshop via Zoom on March 18th, 2024, from 7:00 to 8:45 pm to give an overview of this new course. The workshop covered material and details about the course and a Q&A session with the founder of Levo International.

Modules included in the course:

  1. Intro to Hydroponics: In this module, we go over all the background information. What is hydroponics? What is the history of this technology-based agricultural method
  2. Systems and Materials:This module will outline all the support materials and chemical solutions that help maintain a hydroponic system. We also discuss the variety of hydroponic systems
  3. System Maintenance: A video series on hydroponic maintenance covering diverse topics such as starting a hydroponic production, maintenance, leaks, and more
  4. Hydroponics vs Soil: What is the difference between hydroponics and soil? Are there differences in taste? What is the USDA's organic stance on hydroponics?
  5. Data Collection and Record Keeping: This module covers the benefits of record-keeping for hydroponic production and how they can contribute to research development, business planning, and system maintenance
  6. Financials: How much does it cost to set up a hydroponic production? This module does a cost analysis breakdown of small, medium, and large operations, along with cost range of supplies and operational costs

2024 Course Details:

As a new course, the first round of registration will be of no cost to participants. Participants will explore short modules and additional educational material that might be of interest. As the first users of the course, we encourage you to provide feedback on the course, once you finish, will help us as an organization to better the material and provide the best resources for our community.


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