Incubator Farm Training Program

Get “on-the-ground” experience!


New Entry’s Incubator Farm Training Program provides practical, hands-on training for beginning farmers who want to start and operate successful small farm businesses.

After completing our Farm Business Planning Course and creating your own personalized farm business plan, new farmers are eligible to lease land on our training farms in Beverly, MA at affordable rates for up to three years.

Beginning farmers on the training sites have access to regular field-based trainings (link to workshops), one-on-one technical assistance from our trained staff, and basic farm infrastructure.

New Entry’s training farm program provides the opportunity for beginning farmers to own and operate their own small farm business in a supportive environment that provides the practical tools you need to make your small farming dreams a reality.

To learn more about our comprehensive training programs for beginning farmers, visit the “Incubator Farm Program Details” page or contact Leah Jurman at