Technical Assistance

There is a lot to learn when starting your own farm, and beginning farmers often have many questions beyond the information they receive in the training courses…

For this reason, New Entry gives all beginning farmers in the Farmer Training Program individualized technical assistance, as needed, in order to answer their questions and give advice. Technical assistance is held in the office (for example, making crop plans and ordering seeds), at farmers' homes (for example, setting up a home seed propagation system) and in the field (for example, how to trellis tomatoes efficiently, or how to identify pests and how to deal with them). Also, farmers can receive one-on-one help with record-keeping, business planning, sourcing equipment and supplies, land access, and marketing. Technical assistance also includes help with permits and regulations, which may be required in order for you to grow and market crops.

For more information on technical assistance, contact New Entry staff at 978-654-6745.