Agricultural Technology Platforms and Software to Manage Risks

Technology exists to solve agricultural challenges and manage business risks, yet the landscape of available options can be confusing and overwhelming.  Which technology solution or software application is right for my farm?  Is the cost worth the investment?  How much time and management will I need to invest to see a return on my time or money?  we gathered and discussed answers these questions through a series of 12 educational workshops featuring experienced farmers, software developers, agricultural technology companies, and agricultural service providers.  These workshops provide risk management solutions to help address:

  • legal risk (farmland access and tenure tools)
  • production risk (field and yield tracking systems)
  • financial risk (record-keeping, sales integration, and enterprise analysis)
  • marketing risk (online sales and customer management systems)

Workshops feature software demonstrations by leading technology platforms alongside local farmers providing user testimonials and 1:1 advising. Technology risk management decision-making tools, workshop recordings, and a fact sheet series with producer case studies. 

Navigate to workshop event pages using the links below to view recordings, fact sheets, and speaker information!

New Entry also developed a simple Ag Tech Decision Tool to help producers consider the pros and cons of adopting a new technology. 

Legal Risk Management Workshops

Financial Risk Management Workshops

Production Risk Management Workshops

Marketing Risk Management Workshops

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This project, titled, “Supporting Producers to Manage Risks through Online and Novel Software Technology Applications,” is based upon work supported by USDA/NIFA under Award Number 2018-70027-28588.