Farmer Resource Library

New Entry's farmer library has hundreds of resources on sustainable farming, marketing, and operating a successful small business. Our physical library at our offices in Lowell, MA contains books, periodicals, pamphlets, and videos in English, Spanish, Hmong, and Khmer. You can also search the directory below for downloadable digital resources, helpful web sites, and online farming videos.

Please visit or call our office at 978-654-6745 if you can't find what you're looking for here. Sometimes we are out in the field, so it's best to let us know if you're planning on stopping by.

A Guide to USDA and Other Federal Resources for Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry Enterprise


  • Book

Find sources of assistance and support for your sustainable agriculture and forestry business. This gives an overview of organizations for the following areas:

  • Research, information, and new technologies
  • Financing businesses and new enterprises
  • Management assistance
  • Marketing assistance
  • Conservation and resource management
  • Community development
  • Additional resources
  • General information sources



A Primer for Selecting New Enterprises for Your Farm


  • Book

Learn how to evaluate a new enterprise for your farm or business and to assess profitability, resource requirements, information needs, marketing decisions, enthusiasm for, and the risk associated with a new business. This publications discusses each of these elements in detail and includes a worksheet to help you evaluate your decisions.

Authors: Tim Woods and Steve Isaacs


A Tractor Accident Can Happen to Anyone


  • DVD

Learn the consequences that can result from a tractor rollover and the safety practices that can help to protect farmers in rollover incidents, such as Rollover Protective Structures and wearing seatbelts.

West Virginia University

ABC's of Pasture Grazing


  • Book

Learn the basic for achieving a well-managed pasture through plant and animal knowledge, identification of your goals, some equipment, and practice.



Acquiring & Managing Resources for the Farm Business


  • Book

This guide focuses on the acquisition and management of resources. Contents include:

  • Renting farmland and facilities
  • Analyzing/financing farm real estate purchases
  • Managing the machinery system
  • Farm personnel–planning and staffing
  • Managing a work force effectively

Author: Kenneth Thomas


Ag Employment Law and Your Farm


  • Web Page

New Entry Sustainable Farming Project and the Conservation Law Foundation present Beth O'Neal, partner at Conn Kavanaugh, on a webinar that explores how federal and state employment laws apply to small-scale farmers in Massachusetts. This webinar covers different employee classifications, housing and food stipends, and minimum wage and overtime requirements.

Agreement of Joint Ownership


  • Digital Download

Agreement of joint ownership for the the DR All-Terrain Field and Brush Mower, identifying the role of Cultivating Community in the agreement.