Poultry Profit Calculator

How should you process your birds? Will you save money with the MPPU, or should you make the trip to a USDA inspected facility? And, oh yeah - are you going to make any money at this? We can't tell you for sure, but here is a tool which might help you figure it out.

Plug in your own numbers (estimates, most likely) into the calculator below to compare the cost of renting a mobile poultry processing unit against the cost of taking your birds to an off-farm facility.

Number of birds per batch:  
Number of batches:  
Processing costs using MPPU
Processing costs using off-farm custom slaughter
MPPU annual membership fee: $   Per-bird fee (including bag): $
MPPU per-use fee: $   Transportation (per batch): $
Annual state slaughter license: $   Paid labor (per batch): $
Annual town licensing fees: $   =========
Small Equipment (e.g. bag sealer, knives): $   Total annual costs:
Ice (per batch): $   Cost per bird:
Propane (per batch): $  
Paid labor (per batch): $  
In-kind expenses for unpaid labor (per batch): $  
Total annual costs:  
Cost per bird:  

Please contact Jennifer Hashley (jennifer.hashley@tufts.edu or 978-654-6745) with any questions or comments about the Poultry Profit Calculator.