Wholesale and Institutional Markets Course

Course Overview

This course is designed to highlight resources for growers and buyers interested in wholesale and intermediated markets. You will learn how to navigate these market opportunities, how to manage risk, and what requirements exist are essential to successfully engage with schools, institutions, restaurants, and grocery outlets that work with local farmers.


The course is held in an online course management platform, Canvas.  To request access to the course, please complete this registration form and a link to sign in to the course will be sent to you.

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Course Content

The majority of the course content is split into five modules.

1. Resources for Growers
2. Resources for Buyers
3. Reports and Case Studies
4. Risk Management
5. Videos and Webinars

Experts in the Field

This course is designed to highlight the work of experts and their organizations focused on integrating locally grown food with wholesale and institutional markets. Many of these organizations' resources are included in the modules. Watch interviews with these experts in the video:  Wholesale and Institutional Markets: Conversations to inform buyers and growers.

Featured Service Providers

These are the organizations featured in the course. Click on their links below to go directly to their websites:

Legal Food Hub

Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources

Mass Farm to School

ATTRA Sustainable Agriculture

Farm to Institution New England (FINE)

Risk Management Agency

Course Acknowledgment

This is material is based upon work supported by USDA/NIFA under Award Number 2018-70027-28588.