Gianluca Capaldi and Mariana Rigel

Farm Name:

M & G Farm

Gianluca and Mariana both come from community-based business backgrounds (one in experiential tourism and one in music education and facilitation) and have built successful companies from the ground up. Now with over 20 years of combined business experience, their efforts can be invested in creating their life-long project - M&G Farm. They come from Italy, the land of healthy, fresh food, where eating is more than a simple meal, it’s a culture. They hope to share their healthy food philosophy and allow others to taste the greatness of what our land can grow. With local, organic, sustainably grown vegetables comes the opportunity for people to really taste mother nature’s gifts. When not working the land, Gianluca can be found cooking amazing Italian dishes in someone’s home ( and Mariana can be found teaching children music or drumming (
Instagram: @mgfarmlove
Facebook: M&G Farm - The Simple Life