Graham Ball and Donna Diamond

Farm Name:

The Ball Farm

Growing up, Graham spent summer vacations helping his grandfather and uncle on their farm. But it wasn't until he started actively exploring New England and seeing the vibrant, sustainable agricultural community that exists here that he began thinking of farming as a viable career for himself. He and Donna both really enjoy the physical and mental demands of the work, and being outside, nature and the world around them. This year, they are growing lots of tomatoes, pickling cucumbers, zucchini, greens, potatoes, and a variety of chili peppers. They are especially excited about the potatoes this season and are seeking to recover the lost appreciation for the minerally skins and delicate flavor of a good potato. Their peppers are also a part of a long-term project where they hope to develop paprika, as well as experiment with different hot sauces. Graham and Donna strive for a sustainable and prosperous enterprise in the next few years, to take on the plentiful opportunities and challenges New England has to offer.