Luke Hanabergh

Farm Name:

Saturn's Garden

Originally from New York, Luke considers himself a lifelong farmer whose first major influence was his mother. He started out learning about gardening from growing his own personal consumption crops as a hobby. Luke took farming classes and as his interest grew, got a job at a local farm while also continuing to scale things up at his own home. At Cabbage Hill Farm, he worked in the aquaponics greenhouse and outdoor fields. There, Luke's knowledge about farming expanded and he realized he wanted to continue to learn more. Thanks to various sources, such as YouTube or books, he could research and learn just about anything. Luke started his own farming business in college, called Saturn's Garden, where he has continued his lifelong joy of growing vegetables and bringing other people good food. Seeing the product reach the end-user has given him a more complete understanding of how farmers impact people's lives. It has given him the energy to make sure he does everything to keep better records, monitor quality and ensure all customers are safe and satisfied.
Instagram: @saturnsgardenllc
Facebook: @SaturnsGarden