Mark Rutkowski and Shawna Mulligan

Merrimack Farm

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Merrimack Farm

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Mark Rutkowski started Merrimack Farm because he wants to play an important role in the community. He believes small farms provide a vital, local link by allowing people to know where their food is grown, how it’s grown, and who the farmers are who grow it. As someone who enjoys the challenges and satisfaction that come with running a small business, Mark is entering the market with a variety of vegetables, fresh greens, and edible flowers that he sells through local buyers and farmers markets. New Entry helps supply Mark with the equipment he needs and the know-how to grow his young business. He has always leaned toward a career in agriculture, working on small organic farms in the area, and most recently managing Holly Hill Farm in Cohasset. His goal is to operate a small, organic four-season farm in the tradition of organic farming expert and author Eliot Coleman. On par with this goal, Mark and Shauna will be moving to Williamsburg, Massachusetts to expand their farm!
Instagram: @merrimack_farm
Facebook: @MerrimackFarmOrganic