Meghan Powers and Elliot Rossow

Kona Farms

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Kona Farms

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Meghan and Elliot have always had a passion for plants. Growing up Meghan was surrounded by greenery, spending much of her time in her family’s vegetable garden. In college, Meghan began a student job in a horticultural greenhouse and discovered an interest in market farming. Elliot always loved observing bacterial interactions in rivers, soils, and cropping systems. While interested in growing food, Elliot found himself even more intrigued by the idea of farming carbon and hoped to use carbon-loaded soil to produce high-quality food and fiber. With New Entry, Elliot and Meghan have been able to work with soil and look for ways to sequester organic carbon while still growing organic produce. They hope that their plot, now known as Kona Farms, will one day be a closed-loop ecosystem allowing for cultivation without depletion. They have hopes to explore their passion for environmental stewardship while simultaneously giving fresh produce to their community and improving the quality of the land upon which they are farming.

Instagram: @kona.farms