Sarah Schipelliti

Farm Name:

Skip's Place

From a young age, Sarah grew up around gardens and strong family figures that imparted on her the importance of the natural world. While getting her education in nursing at the University of Vermont, she became acutely aware of food systems, food insecurity, health and the gap that frequently divides these concepts. What started as perhaps a personal rebellion against the industrial food system and detrimental growing practices became a passion and desire to bridge the gap between local food systems, food insecurities, health and wellness, and stewardship of the land. With those 20 seconds of insane courage we sometimes have, Sarah decided to start her own farm, Skip’s Place. While she continues to work as a Nurse at Boston Medical Center, her ultimate goal is to bring to light the full therapeutic value of farms. In the coming years she hopes to transform Skip’s Place from just a farm, to a community and wellness center with farming always as the center pillar. Sarah presently has a robust CSA and sells and distributes produce via the Farmers’ Market, wholesale, and to food banks. Next year she will be moving off the incubator plot to a field in North Reading and will continue to expand and cultivate her vision for a world where food always gets to those who need it and happy veggies, healthy bodies, and empowered minds are the way of the past, present, and future.
Instagram: @skipsplace_thefarm
Facebook: @SkipsPlace.TheFarm