Soraya Cacici

Farm Name:

Moonlighting Farm

Soraya was drawn to farming after a 10 day silent meditation course. She was able to tap into her true self more confidently than ever before and gained the confidence to make some major life decisions and lifestyle shifts. Soraya’s passion for healthy living, local food systems, organic agriculture, community, and the planet kept bringing her back to the idea of farming. Like so many, Soraya was inspired during the COVID pandemic to take a deeper look at her own life and humanity as a whole. During the summer of 2020, she volunteered on three North Shore farms several days a week and instantly fell in love with the work. New Entry’s programs allowed her to further this newfound passion and get to where she is today. In 2021, Soraya distributed weekly shares to her 14 CSA members, mostly neighbors and friends in Lynn, and included value-added products from local producers who shared the same passions for organic, sustainable food. She found great joy and pleasure in this new way of connecting with people through the food she has grown for them and reported that her time as a farmer feels like returning home to a familiar place where she feels whole. It is in this place where she is able to more meaningfully be of service to others.