Venkat Vedam

Farm Name:

Grace Food Labs

As a boy growing up in India, Venkat was always interested in the gardens around him and the fresh food they produced, but his career path took him into technology and data analytics, which became his and his wife Shrimoti’s profession. Their appreciation for growing food and the discipline and skill needed to farm eventually motivated Venkat and Shrimoti to pursue farming in 2017 through New Entry. While their main interest in this endeavor is to experience the joys of being a small, fresh producer, they’re also experimenting with different technologies and business models. They've prototyped low-cost soil temperature and humidity sensor modules, and experimented with cloud-based FarmOS to upload sensor data, weather readings and images from the farm, that will someday allow automatic detection of soil health issues and changes in weather patterns, and monitor plant vital signs. To divert food waste from the compost, they have also been building up a value-added food production business, making zucchini bread, cucumber pickles, heirloom tomato tikka masala sauce, ground cherry pies, their most popular product – hot sauce, and more. They are also working on a new plant-based protein brand, Freshiez.
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