Yohanna Moreno and Shane Hurley

Farm Name:

La Huerta Farm

Yohanna and Shane both have backgrounds as trained biologists. Shane was a marine biology student and has worked raising zebrafish for laboratory research. This experience working in a production model, along with a life-long interest in gardening spurred by his mother and grandmother who both had massive gardens, led Shane to look toward the growing movement of small-scale bio-intensive farms. Yohanna grew up on a farm in Chile where she and her family raised their own food, and thus has valuable lived experience and understands the power that growing one’s own food can have on the stability of a family and community. Yohanna has always pushed Shane and herself to take their mutual passion for raising living things and make that something they can depend on and provide for others. The central mission of La Huerta Farm is to grow vegetable and fruit varieties from South America, and more broadly, to produce popular produce within immigrant communities that is not represented in the Massachusetts market.

Instagram: @lahuerta_farm
Facebook: @LaHuertaFarmMA