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Refugee Agriculture 101


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Building new relationships for collaboration, funding or staffing often requires explaining what your program is and how it works. The refugee Ag. 101 packet aims to equip you with enough resources and ideas that you can adapt to your program and share with others.

Refugee Farmer Teaching Handbook


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This handbook is for staff providing training and technical assistance (T&TA) in immigrant and refugee farmer-training programs. This foundational and practical handbook provides basic explanations of certain teaching theories, as well as tips for applying them in the design and delivery of T&TA. This handbook was developed by Dani M. Scherer M. Ed. with the Institute for Social and Economic Development (ISED Solutions). Twelve refugee farmer training programs across the country provided feedback on the content of this guide.

Schedule F

This document provides information on how to fill out the Schedule F for IRS tax purposes. Advanced. Other keywords: Finance, Entrepreneur

The Farm Incubator Tool Kit: Growing the Next Generation of Farmers

PDF Toolkit from NIFTI outlining how to create a farmer incubator program. All regions. English Level: Advanced. Farming Level: Advanced. Literacy Level: High.

Making a Marketing Plan

PDF for farmers about how to develop a marketing plan.  Needs to be updated with examples for specific incubator, but outline is very useful.  All Regions. English Level: Beginning. Farming Level: Beginning. Literacy Level: low/moderate.  Key Words: marketing, CSA, farmers market.

Illustrated Guide to Sheep and Goat Production (Produccion de Ovinos y Caprinos)

Illustrated guide in Spanish for farmers to introduce the care and management of keeping sheep and goats.  All regions.  Farming: beginning. English Level: beginning Literacy Level: low/moderate. Key Words: livestock, sheep, goats.

Best Practices for Farming Multiple Plots

This guide is written for individuals who want to start farming, but who do not have access to a large plot of contiguous land. This guide covers specific factors you need to think about when renting multiple parcels of land from other people, including advantages and disadvantages to this type of land tenure and how your farm business can be successful in the long term. This guide also provides examples of other farmers who are successfully farming on multiple small plots. You may benefit from this guide if you:

• Are interested in farming but do not want to leave your community
• Are interested in learning about how to farm without owning land
• Have an idea of what kind of farm business you would like to start but would like more information on how to access land

This guide will help you answer the following questions:

• Who is farming multiple plots?
• What do you need to farm multiple plots and what do these farms look like?
• What do multiple plot farming agreements look like?
• How can you finance your multiple plot farm?
• What kind of challenges might come up in a multiple plot farming setup?

Low cost Farming Lessons in Burmese

Document includes low cost Farming lessons in Burmese, published by Drum Publication in Thailand.The publication reflects the UNICEF Home Garden Handbook for tropical countries, and some techniques can be adapted to the soils in the U.S. The lessons are based on an organic method of farming and include composting, seeding, weed/ pest management, and seed saving.

Massachusetts Farmland Guide

A plain language guide from New Entry that is written for beginning farmers who are looking for land to start a farm business. Includes resources to help farmers locate and secure farmland through a variety of purchasing options.

Wholesale Packing Resource Guide

Plain lanugage guide from New Entry for people who want to learn about selling to supermarkets, produce distributors, restaurants and institutions. The guide explains packing requirements and aims to help farmers decide if it makes sense for them to enter the wholesale market.


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