Training Tools and Handouts

SMART Goals questionaire REVISED

This document is a self assesment of where farmers can set goals and plan for future seasons. Advanced. Other keywords: Finance, Entrepreneur

SWOT Analysis for Agropreneur Template

This document provides a SWOT analysis (strength, weaknesses, opportunity, threat) for beginning farmers. Advanced. Other keywords: Finance, Entrepreneur

Advanced Business Plan Check List

Provides a checklist for creating a business plan for farmers. Sections include: description of business, paroduct/service, market, competition, product development plan, sales plan, and other sections. Advanced. Other keywords: Finance, Entrepreneur

Advanced Business Plan

This document provides an outline for a business plan including client profiles, business, market and competition, financial information and projections, operation and management plan, and business organization. Advanced. Other keywords: Finance, Entrepreneur

Beginner Business Plan

This document provides an outline for a business plan for farmers. Includes income, weekly sales, and expenses. Beginner. Other keywords: Finance, Entrepreneur

Financial Products for New Roots Agropreneurs

This document provides a list of sources for financing and loans for farmers. Sources include microloans, the Farm Service Agency, and banking institutions. Advanced. Key words: Finance, Entrepreneur.

CSA Workshop Facilitation Guide

This guide helps facilitators teach a class about CSAs and how to find others to join a CSA. Beginner. Keywords: CSA

Risk Management

Word document of example risk management plans.  Based off questions from New American Sustainable Agriculture Project's risk management checklist.  All Regions.  English Level: Beginning.  Farming Level: Beginning.  Literacy Level: Low.  Key words: risk management.

Risk Management Check-Up Worksheet

Word document of questions used to guide farmers through a risk management assessment and action plan for production, marketing, finances, legal, an human resources. All regions. English level: Beginner. Farming level: Beginner. Literacy level: Pre.

Staff Recomendations for Farmers Next Year

This document is used to assess a farmer's performance in the farmer program. Includes recomendation for advancement. Beginner. Keywords: administrative, evaluation


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