Training Tools and Handouts

CSA Class - 2 of 3

Power point presentation for farmers with customer's feedback about their CSA.  Needs to be adapated to specific programs, useful outline.  All Regions.  English Level: Beginning.  Farming level: Beginning. Literacy Level: low/moderate.  Key Words: CSA, feedback, customer service.

GYOG Resources 2011 - MOFGA's Workshop

PDF outline of resources for farmers and trainers.  Includes a sample powerpoint presentation about organic farming and pest management, a check list to identify pests and lists places to find helpful resources and seed companies.  English Level: Developing (intermediate).  Farming Level: Beginning.  Literacy Level: Moderate/Semi.

Three Kinds of Peas

PDF handout for farmers describing the different uses and harvesting times between shell peas, snap peas and snow peas.  All Regions.  English Level: Beginning.  Farming Level: Beginning.  Literacy Level: low.  

Draft Production Plan Worksheet

Draft excel spreadsheet template outlining dates for various activities for various crops, including bed preparation, seeding, watering, cultivating, and harvesting. All regions. English Level: Beginning. Farming Level: Beginning. Literacy Level: Pre.

Basic Business Planning and Recordkeeping with Refugee and Immigrant Populations NIFTI 2015

A presentation from the 2015 NIFTI National Field School by Kelly Owensby of Transplanting Traditions, Jess Soulis of LSIowa, and Katie Painter of Global Gardens. 


Discover how three refugee-focused Incubator Farm Projects manage business planning and recordkeeping. 

Marketing Matrix - Advantages/Disadvantages to Different Market Options

Word document to help farmers identify the variables in choosing different marketing options.  Options covered include: farmers markets, CSAs, wholesale markets, internet markets, chain and independent grocery stores or restaurants, institutional markets, u-pick, farm stands and packing companies.  All Regions.  English Level: Advanced.  Farming Level: all. Literacy Level: Advanced.  Key Words: marketing, wholesale.

Details of NASAP Responsibilities & Costs for Program Levels

Document from Cultivating Community that highlights free resources, costs, and responsibilities for various levels of participants at the New American Sustainable Agriculture Project. Includes information for community gardeners, beginning farmers, intermediate farmers, and advanced farmers. Resources provided at free or discounted rates for the different groups include land, supplies, tractors, transportation, and other services.

Prospective New Roots Farmer Interview

A tool for evaluating prospective program farmers from the New Roots for Refugees Program - Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas.

Refugee Child Care Assessment Form

Organizations that work specifically with refugees have found that access to childcare can be a signfiicant obstacle to people's participation in farm incubator projects. The following survey was shared by Marijana Ababovic from ISED Solutions on the RAP-P list serve.

NASAP Land Survey Questions

Survey of questions developed by the New American Sustainable Agriculture Project (NASAP) to evaluate potential land for beginning farmer training programs.


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