National Ag Apprenticeship Learning Network

New Entry works in partnership with commercial farms and organizations coordinating apprenticeships and other on farm learning opportunities across the country to build an active learning network for Beginning Farmer Training Programs.

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This work is geared towards formalizing a set of shared standards or best practices for meeting the learning goals of beginning farmers and ranchers who are looking to gain management and production skills by participating in apprenticeships on commercial farms.


New Entry and partners will accomplish this goal by fostering coordination between diverse apprenticeship training programs; sharing best practices, knowledge and resources; coordinating local and regional training-of-trainer efforts for farm educators and mentors; and fostering peer-to-peer dialogue with similar programs across the country.  The project objectives are:

Objective 1.  Coordinate Project Team:  Establish curriculum development teams to coordinate project activities, develop resources and trainings, and track outcomes.

Objective 2:  Assess Resources: Research, review, and assess existing curricula and identify gaps in education, training, and mentoring resources for apprenticeship programs.

Objective 3:  Research Formal Apprenticeship Requirements: Work with Department of Labor to identify legal frameworks for industry-specific apprenticeship standards by sector.

Objective 4:  Develop a Comprehensive Apprenticeship Training “Toolkit,” including shared curricula, case studies, industry-specific frameworks, and supplemental resources to educate established and emerging apprenticeship training programs.

Objective 5:  Disseminate Educational Resources through websites, broad outreach, webinars, a technical assistance referral network, posting to listservs/social media, sharing through the BFRDP clearinghouse and diverse beginning farmer service provider networks.

Objective 6:  Strengthen Farm/ Ranch Mentor Skills via regional training of trainer sessions.

Objective 7:  Support a Community of Practice and learning network for apprentice training programs through peer-to-peer sharing, annual conferences, and national/regional collaboration to strengthen both outreach and post-apprenticeship support resources.

Objective 8:  Track and Evaluate Outcomes:  Document and assess the effectiveness of project outputs and develop a framework to evaluate apprenticeship outcomes.


Agricultural and Livestock Apprenticeship Programs 

This map currently hosts information about the project's core partners. As the project develops, this will serve as a reference to agricultural and livestock apprenticeships across the country. To be included on the map, please e-mail