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March 2024 Newsletter: 

May 2024 Newsletter: Celebrating and Embracing Sustainable Solutions! As we look towards the future, the importance of sustainable innovation in agriculture cannot be overstated. Entrepreneurship and bold, audacious ideas are revolutionizing our agricultural systems. Whether on the farm or in urban areas, these initiatives are transforming how we approach food production and environmental stewardship. In our farmer profile highlight, learn more about Bryan Obara and his innovative entrepreneurship at Bold Meadows Farm. One such revolutionary idea uses native grasses to attract pollinators, birds, and beneficial insects. By incorporating these practices at New Entry, we not only think of enhancing the health and productivity of our farm but also creating vibrant ecosystems that support biodiversity. This approach underscores the synergy between agriculture and nature, fostering a sustainable future for both.

April 2024 Newsletter: Celebrating Earth Day with Our Sustainable Farming Initiatives! As we celebrate the beauty and wonder of our planet throughout April, New Entry keeps championing the cause of beginning farmers and paving the way for a greener future. During Earth month, we are thrilled to announce exciting progress in three pivotal climate-smart agriculture projects: Climate Battery Greenhouse Construction Underway; Agricultural Composting Improvement Program (ACIP award); and the Collaboration for Pollinator Habitat Enhancement. Learn how through their dedication to sustainability, equity, and community engagement, Strawberry Dog Farm represents an example of how small-scale agriculture can be a catalyst for positive change. With the demand for locally sourced produce on the rise, Strawberry Dog Farm is strategically positioned to meet the needs of their target market. Leveraging partnerships with the New Entry Food Hub and strategic alliances with institutions like the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, they are expanding their reach and making fresh, responsibly grown food more accessible to all.

March 2024 Newsletter: Celebrating Women's Contributions to Agriculture - cultivating a more resilient, vibrant, and equitable food system. Together, let's continue to honor the contributions of women and womxn-identifying individuals in agriculture while we cultivate a more resilient, vibrant, and equitable agricultural sector that benefits everyone. And while we are at it, let’s have a great spring! In this edition we introduce Pia Tomicello, who is joining our vibrant community at the Incubator Farm Training Program. Pia's vision for Upper Hand Farm, is “to provide our neighbors with high-quality vegetables and a chance to commune with one another, while improving the health of the land and turning a profit.”

February 2024 Newsletter: Support Local Farming, Honor Diversity and Cultivate Change! After pouring through the results of the 2022 USDA Ag Census, which highlights a 7% decline in the overall number of farms, with 42 % of largest farms now controlling the majority of farmland in the country,  and an increase of 4% in the number of farmers aged 44 or younger, we know we urgently need new farmers, particularly as the average age of American farmers continues to rise. At New Entry, we reaffirm our commitment to keep offering a diverse array of training opportunities tailored to accommodate various learning styles and preferences and to support their financial success by promoting their crops through our Food Hub and their own direct market channels.Read our farmer profile highlight: Revival Road Farm (Siedric & Anna). Revival Road Farm is a diversified, regenerative, reparations-focused agricultural enterprise. They offer specialty food crops, herbs and flowers to restaurants, caterers, and specialty food outlets in Boston, MA. Revival Road Farm strives to re-awaken soil health, connection of people with earth, and revive joy and celebration on the land.

January 2024 Newsletter: A New Year of Growth and New Beginnings! As we embark on the journey of a new year, reflecting on the past and envisioning the future, we express profound gratitude for your support. And we give thought to the words of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., spoken during his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech in Oslo, Norway, 1964.  His timeless vision resonates: “I have the audacity to believe that peoples everywhere can have three meals a day for their bodies, education and culture for their minds, and dignity, equality, and freedom for their spirits.” In the spirit of Dr. King's inspiring words, we proudly introduce the first story of one of the newest beginning farmers of the 2024 season, Emily Fenton of Sow and Savor Farm, who will be cultivating her dreams at New Entry’s Incubator Farm Training Program. With the launch of Sow and Savor Farm, Emily undertakes a noble mission to nourish our community with healthy food, making it accessible to all. In her own words, “Our local food system is crucial, and we must strengthen it; everyone deserves access to nutritious fresh vegetables.”


December 2023 Newsletter: A year in Review! The fields this year yielded crops and so much more!  We cultivated connection, harvested stories of determination, stewarded growth, and celebrated community. Together, we’ve sown the seeds of positive change - creating pathways for improved nutrition while supporting the livelihoods of our beginning, veteran, historically-underserved, and small-scale farmers.  Enjoy a walk through 2023 and all that we accomplished together with your support!  It takes a village to grow healthy food and feed our community, thank you and Happy Solstice!

Unwrap Joy: Your New Entry Holiday Gift Guide Is Here! Looking for a meaningful gift for the Holidays? Check out our special Holiday CSA, Hot Sauce Gift Boxes, and the MA Ag Plate!

November 2023 Newsletter: Gratitude Grows Here:Thanks for your support to beginning and small-scale farmers! The fields this year have not only yielded crops, but also stories of determination, growth, and community. Together, we’ve sown the seeds of positive change, creating pathways for improved nutrition while supporting the livelihoods of our beginning, veterans, historically underserved and local small – scale farmers.

October 2023 Newsletter: Cultivating Change: The Power of Innovation in Farming! As another fantastic Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) season comes to a close, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our supporters who made possible the delivery of fresh, local produce every week to our diverse communities. Your patronage of our CSA program meant direct support to beginning and small-scale farmers who are building their production and marketing skills. With the end of our weekly CSA deliveries for 2023, and paraphrasing Ed Latimore, we would also like to express our gratitude for helping our thoughtful beginner farmers to become “graceful masters”!

September 2023 Newsletter: Kidness blooms Kidness! As the crisp autumn air settles in, we prepare to bid farewell to yet another fruitful harvest season. For months this season, our beginning producers and local farmers have poured their blood, sweat, and tears into nurturing their precious crops, caring for the soil, and harvesting and delivering nature's abundance to local consumers. Wrapping up a harvest season is not just about the practical aspects; it also carries a sentimental significance, the conclusion of a harvest season prompts farmers to express their gratitude to the land, Mother Nature, and their loyal customers. It's a time to express thankfulness not only for the harvest but also for the unwavering support of the local community.

August 2023 Newsletter: Celebrating 25 Years of Cultivating New Farmers:Thriving and Adapting! On September 23rd we are bringing the table to the farm! This year, our traditional celebration of another bountiful growing season with our incubator and small-scale farmers also marks New Entry’s 25 years of service!  For the past two and a half decades, we have connected people with ethically grown food, beautiful flowers, and innovative farming practices!

July 2023 Newsletter: Growing local vegetables, herbs, and flowers: A joyful and fruitfuld endeavor! “A typical day of a small-scale farmer comes with the challenges of balancing planning, production, and market opportunities, mitigating extreme heat, coolness, heavy rains and making sure CSA customers have a diverse offering of vegetables. But along with this also comes the rewards of farming businesses cumulative experience, being able to grow food day in day out, see the changes through the seasons, some of them even day by day, see the fields and woods come alive, and mainly getting to know the customers, their diverse backgrounds, interests and what drives them to sign up for Community Supported Agriculture.” (Graham Ball, Ramblin Roots Market Garden)

June 2023 Newsletter: For Perfect Days of Summer: Eat well and Dance Often! “The connections farming sparks between people and food feel like the way a dance performance seeks to impact its audience… both good food and art nourish body and soul, encouraging us to eat well and dance often!” (Daniela Aldrich, Dancing Harvest Farm)

May 2023 Newsletter: Advancing Leaders Through Opportunity! By promoting diverse and inclusive food systems At New Entry, we promote diverse and inclusive food systems, by providing opportunities for leaders from all backgrounds and those from underserved communities, to join our efforts to build resilient food systems.

April 2023 Newsletter: Small-Scale Farmers are Leading the Way: for Healthier People and Planet! The urgency for sustainable changes in human activities creating climate disruptions, are in fact needed now more than ever. And farmers, particularly small-scale, organic and regenerative producers are leading the way for sustainable production of food that is as good for people as it is for the planet’s health. As we celebrate Earth Day this month, please keep this in mind when signing-up for a CSA – Farm Share, visiting a farmers’ market, supporting a food access program or sourcing food from local farmers.  Good farming practices can be part of the solution!

March 2023 Newsletter: Growing Women-led Sustainable Farm Businesses: a beautiful thing to celebrate! March is Women's history month, and it’s a beautiful thing to celebrate the vital role of women in leadership, particularly in American (and worldwide) farming businesses. For over 25 years, New Entry has stewarded the thriving and noble entrepreneurial mindset of beginning farmers working for a more equitable food system. We are specially proud of our women-farmers, that have grown from aspiring to seasoned suppliers of food, flowers, and other sustainably produced agricultural products.

February 2023 Newsletter: Showing love through through a common language: Healthy Food! At New Entry, we can’t help thinking about the universality of showing love through food. There’s something magical in all the thoughtfulness that goes into planning, preparing, and sharing meals - around these February celebrations and through every day living. Magic accentuated by knowing the food we are bringing to the table has been locally and sustainably produced. The burst of flavors, the creativity of keeping ancestral traditions and utilizing traditional staples, while keeping up with modern culinary trends, is just priceless.

January 2023 Newsletter: Planting a Promising Future: Growing a deeper appreciation for the food on our tables and our local farmers! “The beauty of New Entry is that it’s not just conceptual. This is a working farm, training a new generation of farmers—including many recent immigrants—right here in our region.” (Trisha Pérez Kennealy, New Entry's superstar supporter)


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