How to Teach

Beginner Business Plan

This document provides an outline for a business plan for farmers. Includes income, weekly sales, and expenses. Beginner. Other keywords: Finance, Entrepreneur

Financial Products for New Roots Agropreneurs

This document provides a list of sources for financing and loans for farmers. Sources include microloans, the Farm Service Agency, and banking institutions. Advanced. Key words: Finance, Entrepreneur.

CSA Workshop Facilitation Guide

This guide helps facilitators teach a class about CSAs and how to find others to join a CSA. Beginner. Keywords: CSA

CSA Crop Planning Lesson Plan 2014

This document assists trainers in teaching crop planning including: the importance, the process, choosing the right crops, and creating a planting schedule. Advanced. Keywords: Planning, Production, Vegetables

Risk Management

Word document of example risk management plans.  Based off questions from New American Sustainable Agriculture Project's risk management checklist.  All Regions.  English Level: Beginning.  Farming Level: Beginning.  Literacy Level: Low.  Key words: risk management.

Risk Management Check-Up Worksheet

Word document of questions used to guide farmers through a risk management assessment and action plan for production, marketing, finances, legal, an human resources. All regions. English level: Beginner. Farming level: Beginner. Literacy level: Pre.

Staff Recomendations for Farmers Next Year

This document is used to assess a farmer's performance in the farmer program. Includes recomendation for advancement. Beginner. Keywords: administrative, evaluation

Staff Assessment of Farmer Performance 2014

This form allows employers to assess a farmer's progression throughout the season. Advanced. Assessment, land

Agreement of Joint Ownership for Mower Final


  • Digital Download

Word document sample agreement for farmer group use of a shared tiller machine.  Outlines owners, responsibilities, and procedures for repairs and maintenance.  All regions. English level: Intermediate. Farmer Level: Beginner. Literacy Level: Intermediate. Keywords: Equipment, Machine, Maintenance, Repairs.

3-#1 Marketing and Sales Lesson Plan 2010

This lesson plan assists trainers in teaching new farmers marketing and sales skills including marketing options, marketing research, and applying marketing research to business plans.


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