How to Teach

Class Outlines - Vegetable Families

Class outline to teach farmers about botanical families to help them use this knowledge to improve pest management, soil, fertilizer use, crop planning, and crop rotations.  Also includes basic information about growing unfamiliar vegetables.  Paired with powerpoint presentation Vegetable Families. All Regions. English Level: Advanced. Farming Level: Beginner. Literacy Level: Advanced. Key Words: fertilizer, vegetables, classification, families.

Enterprise Budgets Class - 2 of 4

Class outline part 2 about enterprise budgets.  This class goes into more detail on specific crops and financial analysis and balancing finances with other variables on the farm.  Paired with Fennel Class powerpoint.  All Regions. English Level: Advanced. Farming Level: Beginning. Literacy Level: Advanced. Key Words: fennel, budgets, finances.

Enterprise Budgets Class - 1 of 4

Word Document class outline about budget enterprising and deciding what to grow.  Includes information about budgeting and how to plan what you grow in a cost effective manner.  Paired with Grow for your Markets! power point (Enterprise Budget Class part 4 of 4).  Also includes interactive budget planning activity.  All Regions. English Level: Advanced. Farming Level: Beginning. Literacy Level: Advanced. Key Words: budgets, planning, costs.

Growing healthy tomatoes class - 1 of 2


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Class outline for facilitators on tomato production. Includes common diseases, strategies for pest and disease management, different tomato varieties, and production. Paired with Growing Healthy Tomatoes Class - 2 of 2 outline. All regions. English level: Advanced. Farming level: Beginner. Literacy level: High. Keywords: tomato, cherry tomato, sauce tomato, heirloom tomato, seeding, germination, vegetable production, transplant

Farm Business Assessment Wheel


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This tool, developed by the Vermont New Farmer Project, is used to help farmers assess their current prepardness to start a farm business. 

Farmer's Market Basics - Running a good business at the market

Powerpoint presentation for farmers about the basics of selling at a farmers market.  Includes how to run a stand, price the products, choose products to sell at market, cost analysis, and presentation.  All Regions. English Level: Beginning. Farming Level: Beginning. Literacy Level: Low. Key Words: marketing, farmers market, budgeting.

Farmers Market Stands

Powerpoint Presentation/Google Slides for farmers about farmer's markets presentation.  Includes many descriptive photographs.  Needs additional prompts for trainers, could be adapted to any market.  All Regions. English Level: Beginning.  Farming Level: Beginning. Literacy Level: Pre.  Key words: farmers market, marketing.

Making a Marketing Plan

PDF for farmers about how to develop a marketing plan.  Needs to be updated with examples for specific incubator, but outline is very useful.  All Regions. English Level: Beginning. Farming Level: Beginning. Literacy Level: low/moderate.  Key Words: marketing, CSA, farmers market.

Certified Organic

Powerpoint Presentation for farmers outlining requirements for USDA organic certification for vegetable farms, including standards, costs, application procedures, requirements for updates, and an analysis to determine if organic certification is appropriate for the farmer. Northeast Region. English level: Intermediate. Farming Level: Intermediate. Literacy level: Moderate. Keywords: Certification, National Organic Plan, Sustainably Grown.

Sharon's Finances Presentation

Powerpoint Presentation for farmers about financial literacy.  Includes definitions, information about buyers and sellers and invoices.  All Regions.  English Level: Beginning.  Farming Level: Beginning.  Literacy Level: Low - Moderate.  Key Words: budgeting,


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