How to Teach

Farm Business Training Course- Student Handbook


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Sample of the student handbook for New Entry's Farm Business Training Course: includes first session (of six) with course introduction and marketing lesson.

Taxes and Important Regulations

Presentation from New Farms for New Americans that outlines taxes, tax returns, taxing products, and rules at the farmers' market.

Farm Expenses

Presentation from New Farms for New Americans that outlines that basics of planning for annual expenses and capital expenses over time.

Canning 101 Handout


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Basic canning instructions adapted from Ball, outlining the steps to safely store high acid foods, like sauce, jam, and chutney: boiling jars of food to remove air, preventing spoilage and food-borne illness.

Production Basics: Seeding

Brief presentation from New Farms for New Americans that outlines best practices for starting seedings, including methods and crop and region specifics.

Brassica Care

Presentation by New Farms for New Americans that outlines basics of the Brassica family including specific crops, how and when to plant, and common pests and diseases.

NIFTI Webinar #3- Curriculum Development

This webinar covers developing appropriate curricula for beginning farmer training programs. Partners from the Minnesota Food Association (MNFA) Big River Farms Program, the New American Sustainable Agriculture Project (NASAP), and the New Entry Sustainable Farming Project (New Entry) discuss different learning modules of relevance to beginning farmers, as well as provide examples of lesson plans, exercises and other teaching tools. The webinar also addresses teaching to populations with language barriers and how curricula fit into the broader incubator farm program structure.

Organic Production and Soil Management

Presentation on the basics of soil management, including soil fertility, mangagement practices, pests and diseases, and information on organic versus conventional agriculture.

Integrated Pest Management Worksheet

A record keeping worksheet, put together by the New American Agriculture Project (NASAP), illustrated with specific pests and includes space to record action taken, effect, and notes.

Production Calendar without Succession

Illustrated calendar that recommends planting dates for a variety crops, April through June.


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