Volunteer with New Entry Incubator Farm!

New Entry Farm provides multiple volunteer opportunities for individuals who wish to support our mission of helping new farmers, strengthening the local food system, and providing greater access to fresh, local produce throughout our communities. We welcome the assistance of dedicated volunteers to produce fresh produce each week from early March to late October that will be delivered through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) - Farm Share Boxes, Farmers Markets, and wholesale to local Schools, gourmet restaurants and distribution centers supporting local, sustainably produced food in greater Boston. Our volunteers’ time and energy are invaluable, and we are incredibly grateful for all their hard work and enthusiasm!

Get Outside! Get Farming!
Safety first: We value the safety and comfort of our volunteers and provide necessary instruction before each task, we ask that each prospective volunteer participate in trainings/orientation sessions and we distribute relevant documents including a Tufts University Volunteer Liability Waiver, Photo Release Form, New Entry Disability Services Form, Acknowledgement of Agreement of Service Terms and manual with safety guidelines based on the service location and project type.

Responsibilities: Volunteers assist with our farm operations designed to protect and take care of our natural resources and to help all people have access to nutritious food. Activities include, but are not limited to mulching, planting, pruning, weeding, harvesting, cleaning, and maintaining surroundings and infrastructure.

Time Commitment: Our regular business hours run from 9 AM-5PM, Monday – Friday, however weekend opportunities may be available as well. We ideally would like to have you for at least 2 hours, and if you are planning to stay longer, we encourage you to bring lunch, or snacks to keep your energy levels up!

Site/Supervision: Volunteers will work under the direction of the Incubator Farm Manager and/or our Beginning Farmer Educator at 733 Cabot Street, Beverly MA.

Benefits: Work alongside caring, friendly individuals committed to solving problems in our food system. Volunteers will have the opportunity to learn how we care for people, the planet and profitable enterprises for beginning farmers through sustainable farming. Also, during harvest season, it’s not uncommon for volunteers to leave with some fresh produce or enjoy a snack in the field.

Contact Info/Next Steps: To inquire about volunteer opportunities, please fill out a Volunteer Inquiry Form today! or send a quick email to Leah.Jurman@tufts.edu if you’d like to attend so we can better plan our activities for the day!