Risk Management

Word document of example risk management plans.  Based off questions from New American Sustainable Agriculture Project's risk management checklist.  All Regions.  English Level: Beginning.  Farming Level: Beginning.  Literacy Level: Low.  Key words: risk management.

Risk Management Check-Up Worksheet

Word document of questions used to guide farmers through a risk management assessment and action plan for production, marketing, finances, legal, an human resources. All regions. English level: Beginner. Farming level: Beginner. Literacy level: Pre.

Staff Recomendations for Farmers Next Year

This document is used to assess a farmer's performance in the farmer program. Includes recomendation for advancement. Beginner. Keywords: administrative, evaluation

Staff Assessment of Farmer Performance 2014

This form allows employers to assess a farmer's progression throughout the season. Advanced. Assessment, land

Agreement of Joint Ownership for Mower Final


  • Digital Download

Word document sample agreement for farmer group use of a shared tiller machine.  Outlines owners, responsibilities, and procedures for repairs and maintenance.  All regions. English level: Intermediate. Farmer Level: Beginner. Literacy Level: Intermediate. Keywords: Equipment, Machine, Maintenance, Repairs.

Pest ID class - 1 of 2

Word document class outline pertaining to common pests and practicing identification.  Class includes game to identify common pests and test farmer knowledge.  All regions. English Level: Beginning. Farming Level: beginning. Literacy Level: Pre.

CLASS OUTLINE - Class 2 for new participants -Farming 101

Gives a very basic introduction to the principles of growing produce in Maine with an emphasis on highlighting both what is similar to farming in Africa and what is different from farming in Africa.

Onions - Sets vs. Seeds - 2 of 2

Powerpoint presentation for farmers of onion production. Pros and cons of starting onions with seeds or sets. Outlines costs of a variety of onions. Paired with Class Outlines - Onions sets vs. seeds. All regions. English level: Beginner. Farming level: Beginner. Literacy level: Pre.

Growing healthy tomatoes class - 2 of 2

Powerpoint presentation for farmers of tomato production. Includes common diseases, strategies for pest and disease management, different tomato varieties, and production. Paired with Growing Healthy Tomatoes Class - 1 of 2 outline. All regions. English level: Beginner. Farming level: Beginner. Literacy level: Pre. Keywords: tomato, cherry tomato, sauce tomato, heirloom tomato, seeding, germination, vegetable production, transplant

Growing Crops in High Tunnels

Powerpoint presentation for farmers about the purpose and benefits of using a high tunnel system.  Includes infromation about selecting style and location, sizing, construction.  All Regions. English Level: emerging/developing.  Farming level: beginning/intermediate.  Literacy Level: Moderate.  Key words: high tunnel, construction.


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