National Incubator Farm Training Initiative

The Farm Incubator Tool Kit: Growing the Next Generation of Farmers

PDF Toolkit from NIFTI outlining how to create a farmer incubator program. All regions. English Level: Advanced. Farming Level: Advanced. Literacy Level: High.

Basic Business Planning and Recordkeeping with Refugee and Immigrant Populations NIFTI 2015

A presentation from the 2015 NIFTI National Field School by Kelly Owensby of Transplanting Traditions, Jess Soulis of LSIowa, and Katie Painter of Global Gardens. 


Discover how three refugee-focused Incubator Farm Projects manage business planning and recordkeeping. 

NIFTI Webinar #11– Record-keeping for Incubator Farms and Farmers

Join the National Incubator Farm Training (NIFTI) Initiative for a webinar on record keeping for incubator farms and farmers. Learn what other projects are tracking and how they're tracking it, and get insight into why gathering data on the farm is somehow never as easy as we think it'll be. We will have presentations from Stephen Paddock at the Vermont Small Business Development Center and Nikki Seibert at Lowcountry Local First.

NIFTI Webinar #1- Incubators 101

This webinar covers: (a) the basic framework of our new National Farm Incubator Technical Assistance Initiative and how it can help you achieve the programmatic goals of your farm incubator project; (b) the reasons for starting a farm incubator and common strategies for meeting diverse farmer training and support goals; (c) presentations on how veteran incubator projects (New Entry, as well as our project partners ALBA, the Intervale Center, the New Farmer Develop Project, and the Big River Farms Training Program) operate successful and diverse programs; and (d) a 15 minute Q&A session regarding specific program operational practices.

NIFTI Webinar #10- Teaching Financial Literacy to Farmers

Join the National Incubator Farm Training Initiative (NIFTI) to learn tools and best practices for teaching financial literacy to beginning farmers. Our presenters are Julia Shanks - Julia Shanks Food Consulting, and Gary Matteson – Farm Credit Council. The webinar will focus on practical strategies for teaching farmers how to manage the financial health of their businesses.

NIFTI Webinar #3- Curriculum Development

This webinar covers developing appropriate curricula for beginning farmer training programs. Partners from the Minnesota Food Association (MNFA) Big River Farms Program, the New American Sustainable Agriculture Project (NASAP), and the New Entry Sustainable Farming Project (New Entry) discuss different learning modules of relevance to beginning farmers, as well as provide examples of lesson plans, exercises and other teaching tools. The webinar also addresses teaching to populations with language barriers and how curricula fit into the broader incubator farm program structure.

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