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Planting Calendar Tool

This tool aids gardeners in working with a calendar and knowing the planting dates for various crops. A large format (3’x 4’), laminated 2-month blank calendar is used (purchased from office supply store). Throughout the season, the months and dates are filled in with whiteboard marker. Laminated pieces are taped onto the calendar to show last and first frost dates, last and first dates to plant different crops, last dates to plant winter cover crops, etc.

Bed Planning Tool


  • Digital Download

This Bed Planning tool is used to assist farmers in knowing which crops to plant in each bed and when to plant them. Each bed marker is filled out either by staff ahead of time, or by farmers in a class session using their crop calendars and crop rotation plot maps. The bed markers are then placed in each bed at the farm. This tool was developed to increase farmer independence through simple tools, as farmers were not consulting their notebooks weekly and/or had difficulty reading their crop calendars throughout the season. You can add cover crop rotations, succession planting, and multiseason planting. Using these tools allows farmers to quickly look at the upcoming dates, prepare their beds, and plant their seeds in the right bed and at the right time. They are laminated and tape is used for writing in permanent marker (on top of tape), so that they can be recycled and used year after year.

Farmer Evaluation and Goal Setting

This worksheet acts as an evaluation for the end of the season and helps farmers set goals for the next season. Topics include: in the field, yields, logistics, family support, sales, costs, education, and future goals. Advanced. Keywords: Buisness, Farmer, Goals, Worksheet, Assessment, Season

Risk management and Insurance

Provides information on risk management including why farming is risky, ways to handel risk, types of insurance, and product liability insurance as well as other related information. Advanced. Other keywords: Finance, Entrepreneur

Schedule F Explanation

This document provides the 2013 instructions from the IRS for filling out the Schedule F. Advanced. Other keywords: Finance, Entrepreneur

Schedule F

This document provides information on how to fill out the Schedule F for IRS tax purposes. Advanced. Other keywords: Finance, Entrepreneur

SMART Goals questionaire REVISED

This document is a self assesment of where farmers can set goals and plan for future seasons. Advanced. Other keywords: Finance, Entrepreneur

SWOT Analysis for Agropreneur Template

This document provides a SWOT analysis (strength, weaknesses, opportunity, threat) for beginning farmers. Advanced. Other keywords: Finance, Entrepreneur

Advanced Business Plan Check List

Provides a checklist for creating a business plan for farmers. Sections include: description of business, paroduct/service, market, competition, product development plan, sales plan, and other sections. Advanced. Other keywords: Finance, Entrepreneur

Advanced Business Plan

This document provides an outline for a business plan including client profiles, business, market and competition, financial information and projections, operation and management plan, and business organization. Advanced. Other keywords: Finance, Entrepreneur


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