2021 New Entry Annual Report

New Entry has worked for over 20 years to establish a model of local, regional, and national programming that strengthens local food systems by supporting new farmers. We serve and collaborate with the people, communities, and organizations in Massachusetts, the Northeast, and beyond.

The end of 2020 (post-election!) and all of 2021 continued to be a whirlwind of shifting uncertainty and figuring out the “new normal” at New Entry and beyond. We worked diligently to figure out how to support farmers to plan for the 2021 growing season. We were not clear how the markets would hold and how to support farmers to either grow more or scale back, to continue to offer home delivery, resume sales at farmers’ markets, or plan to scale up for a return of institutional demand. Yet, we accomplished much and made significant progress supporting new farmers, feeding our community, and bolstering our local, regional, and national food systems.  In reflecting over 2021, one of the core themes that emerged for us has been community and connection. The pandemic reinforced the importance of both in ways no one could have predicted, but we hope will have lasting impacts on how society values our relationship to the natural world, to our food system, and to one another. Farmers sit at the nexus of all of these intersections and provide inroads to connect with the land, with the food that sustains us, and
connect us to one another. That community and connection helped inform much of the new relationships and future strategic directions we are approaching with our work as we move forward.  To dig into what we accomplished in 2021 and learn about our plans for 2022, our 2021 Annual Report is now available - enjoy!


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