Community Food Projects Indicators of Success FY 2011

The USDA-funded National Institute of Agriculture (NIFA) Community Food Projects (CFPCompetitive Grants Program (CFPCGP) was designed to meet the food needs of low-income people; to increase the self-reliance of communities in meeting their own food needs; and to promote comprehensive responses to local food, farm and nutrition issues. Since its inception in 1996, around 400 grants programs have been awarded in 48 states through CFPCGP. (CFPCGP was formerly administered through CSREES). To assess the collective impacts of this program, the web-based Community Food Projects Indicators of Success (IOS) was developed to track and monitor the important and common outputs and outcomes across the diverse and dynamic CFPs. (The CFP IOS was based on the Common Output Tracking Form (COTF) originally developed in 2005.) The CFP IOS reflects a focus on outcomes (e.g., economic and social equity, healthy food access) of CFP grantees and includes a participant survey component, or the Participant Impact Survey (PS), which measures the self-reported knowledge, attitude and behavior changes of project participants.

This document was written by the Community Food Security Coalition.


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