Food Safety Signs

Global Growers worked with a graphic designer to create a set of food safety signs geared toward beginning English and / or beginning literacy farmers. The signs are designed to indicate food safety protocols that are common to most vegetable production farms with a FSMA-compliant food safety program. FSMA requires certain signs around the farm, and these signs are designed to meet FSMA requirements, as well as be geared towards English language learning farmers. The signs can be printed and posted at a farm site, and they can also be used as visual teaching aids in a food safety workshop. There are two sets of signs included: one set has graphics and text, and a duplicate set has only graphics in case the text is confusing to preliterate or non-English speaking participants.

If these signs end up on any of your social media or you share them, please give credit to Sarah Lawrence and either tag her or share her contact info.  Or just send her a message to say how much you love them. Thanks!


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