Locating Funds to Mitigate Risk on the Farm Workshop Recording

The Locating Funds to Mitigate Risk on the Farm: Crop Insurance, SARE, USDA Beginning Farmer Initiative and Other Federal Programs webinar, is part of the Investing in Your Farm: Accessing Grants and Loans for Growing Your Business workshop series, hosted by the New Entry Sustainable Farming Project.

In this webinar, instructors share knowledge/understanding of state/federal grant and loan programs. Topics covered in the workshop include:

  • Micro Farm Pilot Policy 2023 (Farm Credit East).
  • Resources for Beginning Farmers at Farmers.Gov including Get Started Guide, 
  • Technical and financial assistance from Natural Resources Conservation Services. 
  • Environmental Quality Incentives Program. 
  • NorthEast Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program grants.
  • An interactive and informative Q&A session with farmers sharing experiences in working with crop insurance and SARE programs. 

For additional information please reach us out at: nesfp@tufts.edu


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