Methodology for Refugee Adult Education

A presentation from the 2015 NIFTI National Field School by Dani Scherer from ISED Solutions. 

Delivering training and technical assistance with literacy-level English-language-learning refugee farmers is a learned skill set and requires a retraining of many of the educational methods and modes many of us fall back on. This workshop will revolve around a simple workshop planning tool which will allow us to explore what it means to teach in a way that is responsive, appropriately leveled and culturally relevant. Touching on adult learning theory, language and literacy categorization, and sequencing of activities, you will create learning objectives and assessment activities that allow you to incorporate farmer knowledge, see evidence of learning, and select for the appropriate amount of content. While some of the information in this workshop is designed for those working with literacy-level English language learning refugees, the theories, instructional shifts and design tools presented are simply good practice and professional development for all educators working in beginning farmer training programs.



Population Type:

  • Immigrant
  • Refugee

NIFTI Training Topic: