Starting a Farm from Scratch: Resources to invest in equipment and infrastructure


This Risk Management and Capitalization Decision Tool features detailed farmer case studies to demonstrate successfully leveraged grant and loan programs for farm startup. Illustrations and decision trees will guide producers to realistic timelines and investment planning. The publication was peer-reviewed by farmers and agency staff. Please take note of the following considerations:

  • This tool is designed to help a farmer who is considering establishing a farm at a new site to examine the scope of improvements the site may require, to prioritize which upgrades should be made, and to identify various organizations and funding sources that might offer advice and/or financing for farm-related improvements. Beginning with a section about selecting a farm enterprise, this resource then addresses Land Access, Utilities and Energy, Structures, and Equipment.
  • This tool is designed with farmers in Massachusetts specifically in mind, but many of the elements considered are applicable to farmers in other states, as many of the MA-based organizations and resources have parallels in other states as well. Each section below will include: 1) Key Considerations and Questions, 2) Resources, and 3) Contacts related to that section, and some sections will also have 4) Financing information as well.