Summary of Results: New England Small Ruminant Producer Survey

The New England Small Ruminant Working Group created and distributed a survey of New England sheep and goat farmers in order to better understand two questions:

  1. What are the most pressing IPM challenges for New England small ruminant producers?
  2. What is the scope of these challenges?

The survey also aimed to provide a better understanding of New England sheep and goat farmers' knowledge and adoption of IPM practices to address these challenges, especially related to internal parasites.

This document serves as a report on the state of IPM challenges and practices among New England small ruminant producers, summarizing survey results and incorporating the input and recommendations of Working Group members, including veterinarians, Extension and other farm service providers, and several sheep and goat farmers.

Written by Sam Anderson (Livestock Program Coordinator, New Entry Sustainable Farming Project). Support from the Northeastern IPM Center


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